Schedule & Time

Classes are divided into sessions. Each session is comprised of 8 meetings, (twice a week), over a period of a month.

Session 1: June 5th - June 30th (Tuesdays & Saturdays)

Session 2: July 10th - August 4th (Tuesdays & Saturdays)

Session 3: August 7th - September 1st (Tuesdays & Saturdays)

Class Meeting Time: 12:00-12:45pm

Location & Enrollment

All classes are held at The Robert & Lee Duvall Center in Highland Village. To enroll in classes, please call (972)317-7430.


The Robert & Lee Duvall Center

948B Highland Village Rd.

Highland Village, Tx, 75077


Singing & Signing uses a combination of American Sign Language gestures and sounds to encourage amazing early communication for infants.  Through the use of rhymes, facial expressions, and body movement, communication is established in a natural and easier way.  Examples of common words that are taught in ASL are milk, more, I love you, thank you, and finished.  You will be amazed with what your baby is capable of telling you before they are even able to talk.  This class is stress-free, rewarding, and fun.


It has been proven that music helps stimulate brain development at a young age.  Research also states that signing babies can communicate complex things earlier in their communication development.  By bridging the communication gap between parent and baby, you are able to reduce frustration while encouraging early understanding and vocabulary development.  Singing and signing deepens and enriches your baby’s relationships and enhances their intellectual and communication development.


Our classes are a relaxing, stress-free environment for you and your baby to learn and have fun. Each session includes roughly half an hour of singing and signing, while the last fifteen minutes are dedicated for social time.  This is a beneficial time for your baby to play and make friends.  Class numbers are restricted to ensure a safe environment.  This also allows for more personal interactions.  

We use fun toys and props to help entertain and illustrate signs.  Our songs are easy to learn and are enjoyable for the whole family.   We sing about everyday activities, like bedtime and mealtime, as well as exciting ideas such as colors and animals.  This class provides beneficial educational substance, as well as valuable bonding time with your baby.


Singing & Signing classes meet twice a week for 45 minutes each.  The first 30 minutes are comprised of singing, signing, instrument play, and movement.  The last 15 minutes are dedicated for social time, allowing you and your baby to play and make friends.


The more classes you take, the more discounted each meeting is.

Per Class: $15

One Class A Week Per Session: $50

Two Classes A Week Per Session: $90

(Each Session Is 4 Weeks)

Payments may be made to the instructor where classes are held.